What is a website?

In this article you will learn «What is a website». We will explain to you in simple words how it works, how to interact with it. We'll tell you why you need a website and what the main types of sites are.
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What is a website?

Site (website, Internet site) — one or more pages linked to each other, located on the Internet and accessible by a unique address. Pages can contain text, images, audio files, video files and other documents. The site consists of program code HTML and CSS.

How the site works

Several tools must be observed for the site to work.

How the site works

The user on a personal computer using a browser program enters into the address bar a unique address of the site, its domain name. The browser accesses global servers on the Internet, which in turn determine the IP address of the server where the site is located and directs the user’s browser to it. The server in turn sends the program code of the site in the form of HTML and CSS code through the Internet to the user’s browser. The user’s browser processes the program code and generates a visual page from it.

This is how the user interacts with the site.

Why do we need websites?

Internet sites perform a huge number of tasks for companies and individuals.

The main reasons for maintaining a website for business:

  • Dissemination of information about your company.
  • Searching for clients for their services and products.
  • Accepting orders online and online payment.
  • Interaction with customers, answering questions, support.
  • Search for partners for business and product development.
  • Automation of business and processes that can be transferred to the Internet.

The main reasons for maintaining a site for individuals:

  • Dissemination of useful information.
  • Communication with other users.
  • Blogging.
  • Search for users who are similar in interest to you.

These are the main reasons companies and individuals maintain websites, but the list is not limited to these reasons. It all depends on the imagination.

The main types of sites

Let’s list the main types of sites, but this is not the whole list of all possible types of sites.

The main types of websites

Site-card — the most common type of site, which contains general information about the owner of the site or business. Type of activity, contact details, details, information about the company, information about services and products.

Landing page — one-page site, customized for the visitor to the site, persuading him to take the necessary action you want: leave your contact information or make an application.

Corporate website — is a website containing complete information about the company, its owner, the events in the life of the business and the company. This type of site differs from a business card site completeness of information. It is customary to place even the smallest information about the company or business on corporate websites.

Site-catalogue — a site where in addition to information about the company posted as much detailed information about the services or products with the ability to leave the contact information of the visitor to order services or products from the company.

Online store — is a website with a catalog of services and products sold by your company with the ability to add to cart and online payment. Generation of invoices and orders on such a site takes place without interaction with managers. All you have to do is put the services or goods you want in your cart, choose how to get them, and pay for them.

Blog — a simple site with articles in chronological order. Articles can be categorized for easy retrieval and reading.

To date, there are many different types of sites. This article tried to describe the most popular of them. In future articles will be described and other types of sites. Follow our articles.


In this article I have tried to write briefly and clearly about the sites. If you have any questions about sites that I have not disclosed and topics, write your comments. In future articles I will try to help with all your questions.

If you need a website or additions to an existing site, you can contact me for advice at the contacts on the site.

Thank you for your attention.

If you are interested to know what CMS is, please follow the link: https://iws.by/en/what-is-a-cms/

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