Creeping line for Joomla 3

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Creeping Line Module for Joomla – exstension for Joomla content management system, version 3.x, which allows to display a creeping line on the site. The crawl module for joomla does not require a high level of knowledge for management and programming skills. Management is simple and understandable to any person.

The main features of the ticker module allow you to choose the type of content displayed: text, list of links and pictures. There is the ability to specify the width and height of the block running line, enable the display of the frame of the block with the line.

Module features:

  1. Three options for displaying content (text, links and images)
  2. Wide settings in the admin panel.
  3. All controls do not require programming skills.
  4. A module can be cloned on one site many times without requiring you to buy it again.

If you need to adapt this module to another CMS, contact us by mail

This module is developed by Web Studios IWS.BY.

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3.x, 4.x

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