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Standard Joomla XML field type – Tel

Standard field type Joomla XML – Tel displays a plain text field in which you fill in the phone number. Joomla XML field type – Tel works in Joomla versions 2.5 and above.

Example of a field in the CMS Joomla 3:

Joomla XML Standard Field Type - Tel — Example on Joomla 3

Example of a field in the CMS Joomla 4:

Joomla XML Standard Field Type - Tel — Example on Joomla 4

The XML code of the field from the example looks like this:

       label="Phone number" 
       description="Enter phone number"/>

This field supports attributes:

  • name – system field name (field identifier).
  • type – field type, in this case «tel».
  • label – field name displayed.
  • description – field description.
  • class – applicable CSS field classes.
  • default – sets the default value of the field.
  • required – sets the mandatory field attribute. A form without this field cannot be submitted. Possible variants can be true and false.
  • readonly – sets the field to read-only mode, the value of the field cannot be changed. The options can be true and false.
  • maxlength – sets the maximum number of characters allowed to be entered.
  • size – the width of the text field in characters. If no field width is specified, it takes the value from the user’s browser. This attribute does not limit the number of characters entered.
  • disabled – makes the field unchangeable. The value in the field is not saved. The options are true and false.
  • hint – adds a tooltip to the placeholder field.
  • autocomplete – disables autocomplete in the field. To disable it, you must specify value for example autocomplete=”off”. To make autocomplete available, just remove this attribute.
  • autofocus – sets autofocus on the field after the page loads.
  • onchange – attribute that will add JavaScript code to the field that is executed when the data in the field changes.
  • spellcheck – instructs the browser whether to check for grammar in the field. The options are true and false.

This is all we know about Joomla XML field type – Tel. If we learn anything new, we’ll be sure to add more information to the article.

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Joomla XML Standard Field Type – Tel
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