Joomla XML Standard Field Type – Note

Standard field type Joomla XML – Note allows you to display titles, descriptions, or warning boxes. With headers on your form, you can clean up the order by creating headers. The field type has several display options, we will consider each.

The first option is the title:

Joomla XML Note - Type 1

This option displays a simple text notification as a title. The field code looks like this:

<field name="mynote" type="note" label="Заголовок"/>
Code language: YAML (yaml)

The second option is a description:

Joomla XML Note - Type 2

This option displays a plain text notification. Field code:

<field name="mynote" type="note" description="Текстовое описание"/>
Code language: YAML (yaml)

Option with warning:

Joomla XML Note - Warning type

This warning code:

<field name="note" type="note" class="alert" label="Заголовок предупреждения" description="Текст предупреждения"/>
Code language: YAML (yaml)

Option with notification:

Joomla XML Note - Type with notification

The code for such a notification:

<field name="note" type="note" class="alert alert-info" label="Заголовок уведомления" description="Текст уведомления"/>
Code language: YAML (yaml)

Successful notification option:

Joomla XML Note - Successful notification type

Successful notification code:

<field name="note" type="note" class="alert alert-success" label="Заголовок успешного уведомления" description="Текст успешного уведомления"/>
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Error variant:

Joomla XML Note - Error type

Error notification code:

<field name="note" type="note" class="alert alert-error" label="Заголовок ошибки" description="Текст ошибки"/>
Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Field type in Joomla XML – Note supports attributes:

  • name – the system name of the field.
  • type – the type of the field, in this case «note».
  • label – the display name of the field.
  • description – the displayed field description. In Joomla 3, it is displayed as a tooltip when hovering over a field name.
  • class – applied CSS field classes.
  • heading – the type of header element to be used for the label. By default h4.
  • close – can be true or false. If true, then a cross will be enabled in the notification window to close the notification.

For now, that’s all there is to it about the Joomla XML – Note field type. If we receive new information, it will be added to this article.

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