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Ticker for WordPress

Plugin «Ticker» for WordPress intended for publishing tickers on a site with a message text, a list of links or a list of images.

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Ticker for WordPress

Ticker for WordPress is a plugin that allows you to publish animated ticker on your website without programming skills with text content, a list of links or images. Managing ticker on the site is very simple: go to the admin panel, settings the displayed ticker, fill in the necessary information, place the shortcode on the required page and the WordPress system will do the rest for you.

Features of the ticker plugin for WordPress

The plugin allows you to publish 3 types of data on the site: text message, list of links and images. At the moment, the plugin allows you to publish 10 links or 10 images, but in the next updates, which are released periodically, more links and images will be added. The design of the ticker block can be customized directly from the admin panel, select the color of text, links, enable the display of the border, set its color and style, outer and inner margins. It is also possible to set the order of movement of the content in the ticker and the speed of movement.

Ticker type «Text» – allows you to post a text message. This type has settings that allow you to specify the color of the message text and the color of the message text when you hover the mouse cursor over it. You can specify the size of the text, style, as well as wrap the text notification with a link.

Ticker type «List of links» – allows you to publish 10 links in a ticker. You can set the order in which links are displayed: horizontal or vertical. Each link can be customized separately, not in general. Specify the name of the link, the path along which there should be a transition by clicking on it, the usual color and the color when you hover over it with the mouse cursor, as well as the style.

Ticker type «Images» – allows you to publish 10 images in a ticker. This type has the ability to specify the display option for the list of images: vertical or horizontal, it is possible to specify the same height and width of images depending on the display type. Each image can be customized individually: upload an image, specify the name of the image, the link to which should be followed when clicking on the image.

The options and capabilities of the plugin will be constantly expanded, regular updates will complement the capabilities of the plugin, so send your suggestions by email and the necessary features will be added.

Additional information

Demonstration of the user part of this module is available at the link: Demonstration of the administrative part is located on this page as an image in the gallery.

There are suggestions for adding new functions, please contact us by e-mail
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There is a module for CMS Joomla, available here

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