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Shoe size chart for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4

Module «Shoe size chart» for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 adds the ability to publish a custom table with shoe sizes to the site.

Looking for a module to add a shoe size table to your site? Our extension will help solve your problem in a few steps and add a customizable table with shoe sizes to your site.
User side screenshots
Administrative part in Joomla 3
Administrative part in Joomla 4

Shoe size chart for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4

Shoe size chart for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4 – module for Joomla, allowing you to add a table with the sizes of shoes of international and local formats to the site. The module is easy to operate, does not require programming skills. Turn on the module, fill it with the dimensions you need, activate it, and the rest is done for you by the module itself.
The table in the module is adaptive, adjusted depending on the screen resolution. Available for data filling 6 columns with an unlimited number of rows. If you have any confusion in the rows, the capabilities of Joomla allow you to swap rows by dragging the mouse cursor. The data in the table, as well as the headings in the first line can be changed at your discretion. For adaptive operation, implemented the possibility of setting column headers for the regular version and the mobile version.
To preserve the style and design of the site, the module has the ability to customize the button colors and table sizes. The button has the ability to change the text on it, the text color and color of the button, include a frame and set its color. All colors can be set and for the mode when the mouse cursor is put on the button. For the table, you can change the color of text and the first row of the table. In addition to the row with the table titles, you can change the color for each even and each odd row.

The cost of the module license «Shoe size chart for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4»


32 BYN Annually
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145 BYN Once
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  • Renewal is not required

The main features of the module «Shoe size chart for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4»

A fully customizable size chart. You will be able to change column names, fill in dimensions or use basic ones.

The table supports 6 columns with an unlimited number of rows that can be swapped.

The module settings allow you to customize the design of the button that opens the table and the design of the table itself.

The extension supports all the basic features of extensions with Joomla.

Simple addition of a table with shoe sizes
The extension will add a customizable table with shoe sizes to your site. A large number of settings will allow you to customize the table and its design to the style of your site without too much work.
Table with customizable data
Table settings are arranged so that you can add data in 6 columns with an unlimited number of rows. Joomla functionality allows you to swap rows if necessary. You can change the name of the columns or disable as you wish.
Extensive design settings
The design of the button that opens the pop-up window with the table and the table itself can be adjusted graphically. To change the colors of the button is normal and when hovering the mouse cursor over it. You can set the colors of the first row, every even and every odd row in the table. Design a table with a button to your taste to match the design of your site.
Basic table data
By default, the extension collects data from public sources with shoe sizes in centimeters and inches, for the United States, Europe, and Russia. If you need to customize the dimensions for your country, the sixth column is ready to be filled with your dimensions.
Joomla feature support
The extension supports all features of Joomla. Automatic installation, automatic updates and cloning function of the module occurs in just a few mouse clicks within one site.
No programming skills required
Management of the extension is so simple that it does not require programming skills. You just need to activate the module, or configure your own style, select a position in the template, and the rest of the extension will do for you.

Shoe size chart for Joomla 3 and Joomla 4

The extension will add a button to the site that will open a customizable shoe size chart.

Additional information

A demonstration of the user part of this module on Joomla 3 is available here: Go to.
A demonstration of the user part of this module on Joomla 4 is available here: Go to.
A demonstration of the administrative part is located on the top page in the image gallery: Go to.
There are suggestions for adding new functions, please contact us by e-mail
If you need to adapt this module for another CMS, please contact us by e-mail

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Shoe size chart for Joomla - QR code demo on Joomla 4

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