Instructions for the module «Vkontakte chat widget» for Joomla

To get started, get the module by clicking the button above «Get module», if the module has already been received, then proceed further.

Installing the module in CMS Joomla 3

Go to your site’s dashboard.

In the top menu, follow the path to the extension installation manager along the path «Extensions» – «Manage» – «Install»:

Joomla 3 Extension Manager

On the page that opens, press the green button and select the archive received on the IWS.BY website when ordering.

After successful installation, you will receive a notification about successful installation:

Joomla 3 Successful Installation Notice

Enabling the module «Widget VK community chat» in CMS Joomla 3

To work, the module must be enabled.

Go to the manager of CMS Joomla 3 modules management along the path «Extensions» – «Modules».

On the page that opens, in the search bar, enter the name of the module for a quick search. Name «IWS.BY Widget VK community chat».

Only one module we need will remain in the list of modules. There will be a red cross next to the name, click on it to activate the module.

The red cross will change to a green checkmark, the plugin has been successfully activated.

Configuring the module «Widget VK community chat» in Joomla 3

In the list of modules, click on the name of the module. The module configuration page will open. Let’s consider the required fields.

First field «License key».

Field «License key»

It is necessary to fill in the license key obtained during the registration and download of the plug-in from the IWS.BY website. The key must be filled in to receive regular plugin updates. Without this key, an error will be displayed when updating to a new version.

Field «Enable OpenAPI VK?»

If you select the «Yes» option, a public API service will be connected to the site, which are necessary for the work of the widgets of the Vkontakte social network.

If your site already has a public API connected, then set the option to «No».

Field «ID community VK»

In this field, you must enter the numeric community identifier in the Vkontakte social network. How to get a numeric community ID, read below, or go directly to the required section by clicking on the desired item in the table of contents on the left.

Field «Chat position»

This option adjusts the position of the widget relative to the visitor’s screen. The official widget supports only two layout options: «In the lower right corner» and «In the lower left corner».

Field «Disclose through»

The option is responsible for the automatic disclosure of the widget with a message to the site visitor. The default is «Right away». Values in this field:

  • «Dp not disclose» – the chat window will not open automatically, it will open only when the mouse clicks the chat icon.
  • «Right away» – a chat window will open when a visitor enters the site as soon as the API services are loaded.
  • «N second» – the chat window will open after N number of seconds, selected in the option.

Field «Disclose with sound»

The option is responsible for playing a notification signal. If the value «Yes» is selected, then only the chat window will open automatically in the user’s browser, and a short notification signal will be played. The notification signal plays only if the «Disclose through» field is set to «Right awway» or «N second».

Field «The sound of a new message»

The option is responsible for sound notification after each response from the operator. Select «Yes» to enable the notification sound.

Field «Hint»

The option is responsible for enabling a hint next to the chat icon. If «Enabled» is selected, a tip from the «Hint text» field next to the chat icon will be displayed next to the icon:

Field «Hint text»

The field responsible for the text of the tooltip itself next to the chat icon.

Now you need to adjust the display position of the widget in the desired place.

Field «Status»

This field must be set to Published.

Field «Position»

In this option, you must select the position of the module in the template, where the chat widget will be displayed. It is recommended to select a position in the template, for example, in the “Debug” position. Since the position of the widget is automatic and relative to the user’s screen.

Next, go to the «Menu Assignment» tab

A tab with one field «Module Assignment »

At this point, it is important to select a value, otherwise the module will not be displayed on the site pages. In our case, we chose the value «On all pages».

These are all the fields and options, by filling in which on the site you will see a widget with the chat of the Vkontakte community.

Getting a Vkontakte community ID

To get the numeric community identifier on the Vkontakte social network, you need to go to your community page.

In the right column on your community page, go to the Statistics section.

A page with statistics for your community will open. We are interested in the address bar of the opened page.

The number «1111111» is the numeric identifier of your community on the Vkontakte social network.

Setting up a community on the Vkontakte social network

For the message widget to work, you need to configure the community from the social network side. Go to Community Management.

On the community management page that opens, go to the community settings, find the «Messages» item in it.

In the «Community Messages» option, enable messages.

The option «Message widget», check it.

After completing all the settings, the site will run a message widget from the community